WeUnity (Ambassador Grant)

WeUnity (Ambassador Grant)

North Macedonia
North Macedonia
Dates: 2022

Two teams of Young Cities Alumni join forces to combat polarisation among youth.

WeUnity represents a confluence of forces between teams We Can and Unity, and focused their combined efforts on understanding factors that drive divisions between other young people in Gostivar. 

When Unity and We Can, two youth teams from Gostivar, first launched their projects, they did so separately. We Can promoted youth-driven civic engagement and civic action, while Unity wanted to understand why cross-party political polarisation was seeping down to members of those parties’ youth wings. The two teams found that a lack of civic awareness among their peers was driving many of the issues they were trying to understand. As Ambassadors, both teams secured a joint grant to join forces, rebrand themselves as “We Unity” and try to jointly understand the issues of political polarisation and the lack of civic awareness in high schools.

Event Attendees
Youth Trained

Engaging Youth and Government Leaders as Agents of Change 

The newly formed team conducted research in selected high schools in Gostivar to gather the perspectives of their peers on different polarising issues. Their research informed a four-day training for 14 local youth, who will act as messengers in their community to start countering narratives which lie at the root of discrimination and polarisation in Gostivar.

The findings from their research reached the desk of the Minister for Education, who, along with a Member of Parliament and a city official from Gostivar’s local government, spoke to the issues being addressed in the report. This event was the first of its kind, with participation from leaders at all levels of government and an audience of 152 people.

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