Cuban Boxing

Cuban Boxing

Dates: 2023

Building resilience through a community activities focused on sports and non-violent communication.

A team of young people in Liege used kick-boxing and community activities to build social cohesion and leadership skills among young men in their city.

Cuban Boxing is focused on decreasing the consequences of violent behaviour among teenagers in their community. They trained 30 young people between the ages of 8 to 14 on building their resilience and leadership through a community programme focused on sports and non-violent communication. Their project’s participants attended a range of activities, including personal development workshops, sessions on countering violence and harassment in the community and local outings to build meaningful ties and a network of support.

Youth Trained


Building the reach of sports-based efforts to foster leadership, belonging and motivation among young people. 

Through the programme, the team also developed their social media presence to increase awareness about both their project and its goals to address social reintegration and non-violence among young people.

Cuban Boxing continued to build on the impact of its initiative with the support of an Ambassador Grant that helped them organise five additional kick-boxing and personal development sessions and back-to-school workshops focused on building positive self-esteem.

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