Naeemian Squad

Naeemian Squad

Dates: 2023

Breaking barriers among madrassa students with limited exposure to filmmaking, social media and digital literacy.

Naeemian Squad is interested in working with young people in their city’s madrassas, where thousands of youth enrol to study every year.

Having experienced and studied in the madrassa educational system themselves, Naeemian Squad is aware of how young people in these settings often lack digital literacy, are susceptible to sharing hate speech and viewing social media and film as taboo.

Through their Young Cities project, they decided to develop a programme for students in madrassa institutions, interested in building peace and tolerance in their communities.

Madrassas Reached in Outreach Sessions
Youth Trained
Films Produced

Building the capacities of young people to counter disinformation and produce positive stories of peace and inclusion.

Naeemian Squad held successful trainings on digital literacy for 40 students in Lahore, before engaging 20 of these youth in a programme on documentary-making to highlight stories of resilience and positive social impact.

In the first phase of their project, the team produced two documentaries which will be rolled out in early 2024. The first documentary highlights the challenges overcome by a female madrassa student and member of the Naeemian team who encountered criticism and discrimination on her path to higher education and independence. The second documentary focuses on the legacy of Dr. Sarfaraz Naeemi and his messages against violent extremism that resulted in a tragic attack on his life.

Their Ambassador Project will focus on developing a two more films and organising community screenings and dialogues to foster social cohesion and understanding.

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