Team Mombasa: “I Won’t Be Deceived”

Team Mombasa: “I Won’t Be Deceived”

Dates: 2018 - 2019

Women as Agents of Change

Four short videos raise awareness about female membership of juvenile gangs in Mombasa County.

Sitakubali Kudanganyika translates roughly as ‘I won’t be deceived’. Team ‘Mombasa’ knew that the issue of gang recruitment and violence in Kenya was generally only examined from the perspective of men, and that women were often manipulated into joining gangs. They produced four videos, each depicting a different narrative involving young women and the experiences, motivations and consequences of joining gangs.

The video was launched alongside campaigns ‘#WhatIf‘ and ‘Be the Bigger Person‘, each of which tackled gang violence prevention from different angles. They shared a common Facebook page, where their content was released as a single campaign.

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Receiving the Help of the Community

The project involved the entire community and municipal stakeholders, as shooting took place in public spaces and touched on a very topical issue. Many members of the public volunteered to be extras and to help out on set. They praised the team between shoots for the work they were doing to raise awareness of the important challenge in their community.

The videos reached more than 160,000 coastal Kenyan young people, and were shared among people from the target communities as best practice for how to tackle issues in a holistic way.

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“The highlights of this experience were the interaction with other youths with brilliant minds, the development of ideas and skills, capacity building and networking.”

Team member

‘I Won’t Be Deceived’

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