CEEV (Essalem Verviers Student Committee) 

CEEV (Essalem Verviers Student Committee) 

Dates: 2023

Increasing Access to Key Student Resources and Networks.

A project aimed at better connecting marginalised students across communities.

CEEV focused on creating an integrated support network for first-year university students in the town of Verviers who often find themselves unable to access resources. Through their community initiative they organised student seminars on topics including transitioning into higher education and adopting productive work habits and healthy lifestyles. They connected young people to several local experts and expanded their professional networks to better integrate them into the community and bolster their career prospects.

The team also organised a “Blockade Room” as a safe study space for 80 students between December 2022 and 27 January 2023. This was a critical resource for the students during their exam season, as many lacked suitable working spaces at home and would have to travel long distances from Verviers to university libraries.

To celebrate the students’ successes, CEEV held an end-of-exam celebration and networking event in January 2023 that was attended by 100 people, including 30 professionals who provided advice to the students, the head of local partner, TYN from Brussels, and members of other Young Cities Liege youth teams.

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Building a strong foundation to empower and better connect students representing the future of Liege.

CEEV continued to grow its project with the support of a Young Cities Ambassador Grant 2023. They continued their efforts to develop a dedicated“blockade room” that provided a study space foryoung people at an accessible location known as CECIV, ahead of the summer exam season. They also held an Orientation Day in May 2023 for 80 young people, 20 parents and 30 professionals from diverse sectors to further expand the networking and learning opportunities available to students, particularly those in secondary 5, 6 and BAC 1 levels. The team wrapped up their project with a final barbeque for 50 students in July 2023 that provided an opportunity for the students to hear from educators who provided an inspirational talk on the lifelong positive impact of pursuing higher education.

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