Dates: 2023

Overcoming religious and ethnic divides through humour and creative community engagement.

A project that’s building community cohesion by drawing on local youth talent and the power of relatable online content.

S’Rire addressed challenges of discrimination and intolerance in Liege through a social media video campaign and stand-up comedy. To encourage dialogue and tolerance across racial and religious lines, the team produced 20 short “micro-trottoir” (sidewalk interview) videos that were shared on their social media between February and March 2023 on how local community members dealt with stereotypes in the community. These videos received more than 50,000 views on their platforms.

Video Interviews Created
Community Members Reached Offline

Leveraging creative platforms to build connection. 

The team went on to organise a comedy show on 11 March 2023 that was attended by 170 people in the community. The show focused on tackling differences with humour and art and highlighted eight emerging young comedians from Liege and a breakdance group.

As one of the youngest teams in the Young Cities Liege cohort, S’Rire showed immense promise in continuing to grow its skills and the impact. During the programme, they visited Brussels to meet with another theatre group to gain inspiration and motivation for its project. Team members also continued to work with local partner, TYN outside of their project on a podcast, gaining experience that would benefit their team’s future efforts.

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