Tackling Discrimination and Isolation Among Youth

Young Cities supported four talented teams of young people in Liege who used their Young Cities initiatives to tackle anti-social behaviour, foster non-violent communication skills, and develop accessible resources for students.

In 2022, Young Cities expanded its programming into Belgium, launching its efforts in Liege to support young activists’ local initiatives to promote social cohesion and peace. While the city has an active volunteering network and some opportunities for young people to get involved in their communities, there are notable gaps in resourcing, as well as in awareness and a willingness to engage with city-led activities among some young residents.

There are perceptions of discrimination and isolation, especially among young people from migrant backgrounds. Local community organisations find that these challenges often fuel anti-social behaviour and hinder their efforts to mobilise diverse young people for their initiatives.

Young Cities was able to work with four teams of young people in Liege who took action through various creative approaches to address these challenges. The teams led kickboxing and leadership trainings, a live comedy show, social media campaigns, extracurricular activities, networking opportunities and expert talks for marginalised youth in their communities. Their projects concluded at the end of March 2023.

The programme also provided the City of Liege with a City Grant to implement a youth-focused initiative to deepen meaningful engagement with young people in the city.

Our partners

The organisations and municipal governments we work with are essential to the success of the Young Cities programme. Together, we continue to effect genuine, relevant change in the communities in which we work.

City of Liege

We worked with the City of Liege to support greater city-youth engagement to address challenges of hate, extremism and polarisation in the city.

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Talented Youth Network (TYN)

TYN supported the delivery of Young Cities in Liege, working closely with the young people in the programme to reach their full potential and make meaningful impact in their communities. Their support and expertise was greatly valued.

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