Samba Sports Youth Agenda

Samba Sports Youth Agenda

Dates: 2019 - 2020

Preventing Crime through Healing and Play

A targeted initiative that combined sport with trauma healing sessions helped adolescent boys resist drug abuse and crime.

Petty crime, gangs and drug abuse are common problems in coastal Kenya because of unemployment and the allures they provide to disaffected young men and boys.

The project launched by Samba Sports Youth Agenda – a youth-led CSO who use sports to engage with young people – integrated trauma-healing sessions and awareness-raising activities with football to provide an informal, safe environment to discuss these difficult issues.

They wanted to ensure that parents and teachers were as much a part of the process as the young people themselves, and invited them as well as local County representatives, to attend the football tournament.

Youth Participants of Sports Workshops:
Youth Participants of Trauma Healing Sessions:


Winning in More Ways than One

More than 300 boys attended the sports activities, which were interspersed with lessons on developing critical and creative thinking, with 75 participating in follow-up trauma healing sessions that focused on understanding more about why humans experience trauma and how to build resilience to it.

The young people came away having not only had a great time playing football with their friends, but felt inspired and engaged. Many emphasised that they had not had an opportunity like it. And the sessions clearly had an impact on their resilience: surveys conducted at the end of the sessions found a 70% improvement in their understanding of trauma and trauma healing.


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“[Because of this campaign] the boys are now able to better recognise their misdeeds, as well as seek advice from both their parents and teachers. Those who used to associate themselves with bad company have withdrawn from such groups”


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