Angaza Youth Group

Angaza Youth Group

Dates: 2021 - 2022

Strengthening youth resilience against fake news

A group of young people committed themselves to addressing disinformation in Kenya to reduce levels of violence during the next general election.

In recent years, Kenya has become a centre of new sophisticated disinformation operations. There is a particular risk that fake news may catalyse violence leading up to, during, or after the election period. Young people are often not aware of the influence or wider damage that sharing, sometimes seemingly harmless content, can do.

Mombasa-based youth group, Angaza, wanted to understand the level of knowledge young people in Nyali sub-county already had about disinformation and identify specific gaps. The team disseminated online surveys which gathered youth perspectives on the issue to produce a report with several recommendations for approaches that local government could adopt to help prevent violence spurred by fake news in the upcoming general election.

Infographics shared online
Young people surveyed
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Tackling a single issue from multiple angles 

Throughout their research process, the team worked with a certified researcher who supported them in developing their research skills in data collection and analysis. Young Cities provided further ongoing mentorship on research methodologies, to help bolster the team’s capacities to conduct impactful analysis.

Team Angaza then leveraged the results of their research to create posters, infographics, and spoken word videos on how to spot and stop the spread of disinformation.

Their initiative showed how one issue can be tackled from multiple angles to reach various audiences for maximum impact. In addition to their report that included findings and recommendations on curbing disinformation, they were able to engage with community members on the issue through their online campaign – which not only provided key insights on the challenge and how it leads to violence, but also practical tips that people can use in the lead up to the Kenyan general election.

The group held a final open mic night, where they shared poems on misinformation, disinformation and fake news. This artistic approach highlighted the ways in which lack of vigilance on social media can disrupt peace in even in the most tightly-knit communities.

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“It is better to fact check before sharing rather than apologise for spreading wrong information.”

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