Point of View

Point of View

Dates: 2018 - 2019

Intergenerational Cooperation in Majdal Anjar.

Young activists and the local municipality come together to improve the involvement of young voices in local policy. 

In Lebanon, a challenge that young people face is the intergenerational gap between them and parents, elders, community leaders and policymakers. Decisions are made on their behalf with limited involvement, despite their interests.

This gap can alienate young people who may seek alternative sources of authority – religious, ideological, political – which fuels community conflict and violence.

The Point of View team in Majdal Anjar wanted to bridge the gap with elders and work with them to enable their peers to adopt a proactive role in decision-making. Their activity included training young people in public speaking and communication followed by a series of dialogue sessions.

They followed up with research, and cooperative workshops between young people and the municipality to design solutions for more youth-inclusionary programming, which was compiled into an action plan.

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The Adoption of a Youth-Inclusive Strategy 

The dialogue sessions were attended by more than 15 elders, while 10 municipal representatives attended the workshops. They were well received and the action plan that resulted lays out a clear strategy and commitment for young people to be more included. Additionally, channels of communication remain open between the youth participants and the local municipality, with the Mayor and the Local Prevention Network continuing to show their support.

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