Web+ (Ambassador Grant)

Web+ (Ambassador Grant)

Dates: 2020 - 2021

Countering the Spread of COVID-19 Disinformation

A project that proactively tackled online and offline disinformation related to COVID-19 among young people in Majdal Anjar.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been associated with the rise of misinformation and disinformation related to health, society and politics. It has been slowly pulling apart the social fabric of Majdal Anjar, inflaming tensions between local communities and municipal and national government.

Team Web+, who were part of our Ambassadors programme, led a training and social media campaign to raise awareness among young people about disinformation, including how to identify and counter it.

Identify, Report, Engage. 

The training was conducted across three days, with 12 young participants given digital citizenship education. Together the participants examined the causes of misinformation and disinformation, how these issues related to hate speech and xenophobia, and looked at their societal consequences.

They were then trained on how to identify misinformation, which reporting mechanisms were available and how to engage other users online to construct counter narratives.

Following the training, the team designed 8 infographics on the subject: definitions of fake news, how to identify it and how to report it.

The participants were also tasked with applying their newly-built skills online and disseminating the project’s educational material.

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