True Bless

True Bless

Dates: 2020 - 2021

Fostering Tolerance between Christian and Muslim Youth

A workshop and visits to religious sites in the city of Tripoli helped to build understanding between Christian and Muslim communities.

Although Tripoli is a diverse and multicultural city it has also experienced its share of interreligious tensions and hate, especially aimed at the minority Christian community.

True Bless knew from first hand accounts what that meant for the city: many of their Christian neighbours had left because of the discrimination they faced. The team wanted to help young Lebanese people understand the two faiths better and get to know their followers.

To do so they held a workshop followed by visits to a church and mosque, enabling a safe space for youth participants to ask questions they may not otherwise have the opportunity to do. They wanted to give them the tools to foster and disseminate a message of tolerance among other young people.

Number of Youth Trained
Community Leaders Engaged

Renewing Confidence in their Community

The training was conducted across a whole day, with 14 youth participants invited from the local community. They were trained in peacebuilding principles and techniques so that they had the capacities to engage in difficult conversations with friends and colleagues later.

They were then invited to a local church and mosque to meet with religious and community leaders to learn more about the two faiths. The aim was to build their understanding so that they can help to educate others.

By the end of the day, the participants were 60% more confident overall in being able to act as messengers of tolerance in their communities. They also showed a 45% increase in compassion for those from the other religion themselves.

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