Dates: 2023

Strengthening civic engagement and awareness among Karachi’s young people

This group of innovative young leaders who met at Habib University successfully completed their first social impact initiative on civic rights and action as a newly formed team.

With the support of Young Cities, Bagh-e-Sakina successfully conducted trainings for students in three schools in Karachi: Children Foundation Trust (CFT) School, Zehra Homes and Gulman-e-Abbas School – engaging 149 students through a total of 10 sessions across the institutions. The team used interactive sessions and games to expose students to topics of civic education, empathy, digital literacy and gender sensitivity. The team also provided trainings for 50 teachers at CFT School and Gulman-e-Abbas School. 

They received overwhelmingly positive feedback from students, teachers and school administrations that requested for more sessions to be organised. Teachers at CFT Trust School shared that the students frequently referred to the training material in their classes and among their families.

Student Workshops Held
Students Trained
Teachers Trained
People Reached Online

Building an Active Civic Engagement Movement

The team also ran their first social media campaign between August and September 2023 that included 6 posts, 50 stories, 6 reels on Instagram and Facebook. The campaign reached 19,000 accounts, engaged 825 accounts, and increased the team’s following by 130%. The group also reported that the campaign helped them approach several education specialists, potential volunteers and partners who showed interest in their work. The team began the development of their website to enhance their online presence and plan on launching a LinkedIn account, as education experts have already begun tagging them on the platform.

Bagh-e-Sakina are now planning to take their initiative even further by developing dedicated online resources for students and teachers, expanding the reach of their training model and connecting students to civic engagement opportunities in their communities.

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