The Blueprint Initiative

The Blueprint Initiative

Dates: 2019 - 2020

Giving Young People the Tools They Need to Thrive

An online campaign that empowered young people in identifying employment and project-development opportunities in Kwale County.

One of the biggest challenges facing young people in the coastal County of Kwale is unemployment, driving many of them into crime and extremism. Team Blueprint wanted to ensure that these young people didn’t feel like they needed to join criminal groups in order to survive, and instead were given the knowledge and skills that enabled them to thrive.

They developed a series of infographical posters, filmed three interviews with local young entrepreneurs, and developed a music video highlighting the struggles of young people while providing an alternative narrative in that context.

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Affecting Thousands of Young People in Kwale County

The campaign reached hundreds of thousands of young people, with thousands liking, sharing and commenting on the various content. Team Blueprint shared it directly with the communities most affected by the issues, who game excellent feedback about the content. They released all of their content on a dedicated Facebook page which you can still view here.

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“Hundreds of youth commented on and shared our campaign. We see this as a good first step towards the solution of youth crime.”

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Blueprint Initiative

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