Diverse Democracy Initiative

Diverse Democracy Initiative

Dates: 2023

Filmmaking to promote the participation and inclusion of religious minorities in the Pakistan’s political system.

With Pakistan being a young democracy and elections approaching in February 2024, this team aims to promote the participation and inclusion of religious minorities in the country’s political system.

Skilled in filmmaking and production, Diverse Democracy Initiative produced three pieces aimed at policymakers and legislators, as well as the broader community, to call for structural change.

Films Produced

Making the case for more inclusive political representation and participation.

In this first phase of the programme, Diverse Democracy focused on preparing for and completing the production of two films focused on discrimination against religious minority groups in Pakistan’s political systems. The first film raises awareness about unsung heroes from religious minority groups that played a key role in forging an independent Pakistan. It used creative animations and voiceovers to paint a picture of Pakistan’s diverse history.

The second film explores the lived realities of minority groups’ restricted rights to vote and limited representation and inclusion in political processes through in-depth interviews with individuals that have experienced political exclusion first-hand. To create these films, the group worked closely with a professional production house to develop scripts, animations, voiceovers and shoot interviews in the community.

Through their Ambassador project, the team will finalise their final film focused on the current actions being taken by political authorities and stakeholders to promote political inclusion and participation of religious minority groups. They will also plan public screenings to showcase their films and spark needed dialogue on inclusion and political participation.

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