The Identity of Hope

The Identity of Hope

Dates: 2018 - 2019

Writing and Sharing Stories

A creative writing project that enabled young refugees to communicate their lived experiences.

Hawiyyet al-Amal roughly translates to “The Identity of Hope”. The team wanted to shed light on their experiences of bullying, stereotyping and marginalisation they have faced. They wanted others, and the community at large, to rethink their identities and reshape them to be more positive. 

Among the group were writers, poets, actors and spoken word artists. Over the course of ten workshops, they trained in creative writing with a professor of literature who guided them through confronting their own identities and how to answer those questions through prose and poetry. 

By the end of the workshops they had each produced their own piece of writing, which they compiled into a booklet that is available for download. 

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A Book of Poetry and Prose

In total 15 young people took part in the workshops and together produced the booklet. They were able to share their work on their Facebook page where their work received thousands of likes and reactions.

They were scheduled to recite their work at a closing event which unfortunately was postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are hoping to work with the team again soon to realise that ambition, and to help them produce a video that enables them to communicate their stories in a different format.

Meanwhile you can download their creative writing booklet further down this page (in Arabic).

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“I didn’t expect them to have this capacity to write… I didn’t expect them to have this imagination, and this method of narration, which is really outstanding.”

Dr. Intissar Al-Dannan

Creative Writing Trainer and Professor of Literature

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