We Can

We Can

North Macedonia
North Macedonia
Dates: 2020 - 2021

Combining Play with Learning to Engage Young People

An evidence-driven project bringing young people together in a civic action camp, supporting them in the development of mini-initiatives across Gostivar.

‘We Can’ are looking to challenge the mind-sets of young people in Gostivar, many of whom don’t see the value in engaging in civic participation, by inviting them to a four-day camp. There they will be educated on methods of civic participation, such as activism and advocacy, and encouraged to develop a series of follow up initiatives.

The methodology of the training is evidence-driven: having developed and launched a survey of more than 400 young people from across Gostivar examining the motivations and deterrents of civic participation.

We look forward to sharing the project’s impact soon!

The project is still in development and with the civic camp in its preparation phase. We don’t have more to share with you right now but come back soon to see what impact the team have had in their local community.

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