Dance in this Chaos

Dance in this Chaos

North Macedonia
North Macedonia
Dates: 2021 - 2022

A (motion) picture is worth a 1000 words.

Challenging the status quo by using film to spotlight ethnic discrimination aimed at a marginalised Roma community in Skopje.

Takat, a team of experienced filmmakers, turned their lens toward the Roma community in Skopje to capture their struggles with social and systemic inequality, and celebrate their cultural accomplishments. Their 16-minute, single-take original film titled Dance in this Chaos was produced in cooperation with the Roma community in the Skopje neighbourhood of Topana. The film showcases the lived reality of Romani people in North Macedonia, challenging negative perceptions in the hope of reducing discrimination. The film was screened in Skopje on 31.10.2021 in an event that includes a panel discussion with the team and features Roma musicians.

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Challenging Stereotypes Where Activism Meets Art. 

The team produced Dance in this Chaos in the neighbourhood in which it was set. Their team’s candid approach to filmmaking and involving members of the local Roma community as extras and in production earned the team their trust. The community had had previous experiences of being stereotyped and discriminated against because of filmmaking so this was a major achievement.

Impressively, the team managed to produce the film under difficult circumstances mid-pandemic and effectively capture relatable situations which challenge everyday discriminatory practices. In addition to screening the film, they ran an accompanying social media campaign, with their teaser gaining nearly 115,000 views. people reached on their Instagram page. The film is currently being submitted and considered for various short-film festivals in North Macedonia and beyond, and so is not publicly available. Check back soon for further updates.

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